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We are happy to show you a photo exhibition from Marie Chatard.
Beyond everything, still human. Morpho is questioning both conceptual and traditional sides of the ultra interbreed of our contemporary society today. Each portrait is a merged impression of two individuals opposed by their gender and ethnicity. With identities being woven through an infinite array of webs, how do we answer the unanimous question:
«Who am I?» A disturbing and equivocal serie.
Who is Marie Chatard ?
She is a French photographer based in Berlin, she got caught by photography at the age of 12. Being the people her favorite subject, for her, photography is not only about creating beautiful pictures, it’s also about being moved by the subject’s driving force. As a former PR in Music she has done a lot of musicians press pictures that appeared in print and digital magazines in France, Spain, England and Germany like TRAX mag, Tsugi, Star Wax, Be Exposed, to name just a few. On the side Marie Chatard often participates to group shows in Berlin, as well as in New York, being given the possibilty to work on special themes , and express herself through her pictures.
Her work is a depiction of an off kilter vision, sometimes disturbing, ambiguous and disarming.
You can find more work from her :