Un Autre Flohmarkt

Event, fashion

We are opening our door for a friendly fleemarket dedicated to babies, kids, womenswear and accessoires.
Only from private sellers who are emptying their wardrobe.

We will welcome you inside the shop with cakes and drinks for a cozy afternoon.

We still have some free place if you want to participate and sell something.

Just email us at info@unautrevoodoo.com



Winter is here and it’s the best season


Today in Berlin it’s very cold outside. And in the shop we love that !
Also we have perfect clothes for this kind of weather…

The jackets of the designer Sepideh.

Sepideh Ahadi started to make clothes since she was 13. After her graduation from polytechnic of Milan on 2014 she established her brand in Milan. Since she believes on sustainability on 2015 she decided to move to Berlin for extending her ideas in « Sustainable fashion ».Now she lives in Berlin and works between Germany, Italy and Iran.

Keeping the philosophy of « the simple » together with the strategies of « the complex », always valuing the abilities of people who are working in the team, sustainability, multicultural and sensuality are our goals. The philosophy of the brand is based on a great sense of craftsmanship and feeling the fabrics and colors.

An important source of inspiration for the designer since the first collection is sustainability and finding new forms from the basic geometrical forms like rectangular and square and making zero waste pattern out of this forms without immolating the sensuality and beauty.


Art, fashion, Windows

When we moved in your new shop, one of our first reason was the big window ! A really big window in front of Hasenheide. It’s more than a window. It’s a scene. We directly imagine how we could produce our designers here.
For the first scene, we asked a young, just arrived, agency on Berlin THÔW.

THŌW is a young window display & set design studio based in Berlin
The name stands for “The House Of Wonders”, as it is a mission for the studio to push the boundaries of visual display to create innovative, artistic and original contents. The purpose is to bring to viewers moments of magic, questioning and engaging visuals throught the use of simple materials and processes with an engagement of strong but also minimalistic display.

For any informations and projects’s requests: info@thowstudio.com